Route Shippers Pet Transport Department

Vanessa – May 01, 2020

Victim Location 60487

Total money lost $2,820

Type of a scam Moving

The company, who had the name: "J. Cooper, Route Shippers, Pet Customers Transportation Department 320-307-4412" at the bottom of the letter, was hired by the person (Donald Nsom) whom from which I purchased a puppy. The company asked for payment for $980 crate rental but stated I would be reimbursed upon arrival $950 upon arrival of the puppy. ($30 for the rental fee). I told them I could not send that amount via Zelle, only $750 was allowed, they agreed and stated I would be reimbursed $720 upon arrival of the puppy. Then a few hours later they contacted me again stating per my state laws, I need insurance for my puppy to be transported. This would cost $920, but is "100% refundable upon arrival of the puppy", they stated this was an over sight by them they did not know that my state needed insurance in order to ship my puppy. They stated this would be the last time they ask for money. Since I was verified to send the money before, Zelle allowed me to send the $920, Finally, after a few hours they contacted me again stating they needed 3 different certifications totaling $1100. I was furious! I contacted my original seller Donald Nsom and told him what was going on, he stated he has used the company before with no issues. When I told the shipping company that they stated the $920 payment was the last payment, and said this felt like a scam they stated " This is 100% real, we follow due process." The Seller contacted the company and told me that he would pay $600 of the $1100, so that I could get my puppy today since everything was refundable. I ended up paying the $500 remainder. When I asked when my puppy will arrive both the shipping company and the seller stopped answering my emails.

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