round rock nissan in round rock texas, sames dodge Bastrop, Capital Chevrolet

Pedro –

Victim Location 78748

Total money lost $595

Type of a scam Employment

I went to apply for a job that I saw on Jeff is the person that approved of my resume and his the one behind the scam. He told me to sign a paper that allows me to pay of a video that will guarantee me, the job that I want, so I can choose what dealership I will work at. He told me they own multiple or many dealerships and for me to pick the one that I wanted, I went and picked Chevrolet but since Im just starting, I doubt any new hires will be allowed there because its in a great spot. He made me sign a paper that guarantees me a job at Chevrolet and he says that the dealership will reimburse me, the money I paid. I called him on Monday the day that I was supposed to start working at Chevrolet, because that was the place I wanted to work for and that why I bought the video and then he tells me, that I won’t be working there anymore and to go to SAMES DODGE IN Bastrop. I paid $595 for a job, that probably didn’t even exist, I told him I was going to tell the BBB about it and then he changed his mind and said that he would get me an interview with Chevrolet but not a guaranteed jobs like the paper I signed says. He uses false information and Im not even in anyones payroll, so I should be able to get reimbursed for that video that anyone can get off youtube for free. He mentioned, "only if you want to work at Chevrolet" that you have to buy that video. On Monday thinking, I would be starting my job at Chevrolet, he lets me know that I will not be working at Chevrolet anymore. He uses the scam saying that they own multiple dealerships and you can pick the dealership, you want to work at and because Chevrolet has the best spot, most people will end up purchasing a video but will not be working there because they don’t want people that have never sold cars to be there in the first place. Jeff is very dis honest. Since I never got the job at Chevrolet, I should never be never be charged for anything. Who knows for how long this scam has been going on and how much money that company has made, giving false information on people that are looking for jobs. They might be making millions from many innocent people that can barely pay their bills or barely making it.

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