Round Energy Offshore

Tyrone –

Victim Location 93301

Type of a scam Employment

Applied through a typical indeed site, was contacted by "Mark Puff" to fill out a word document application. Probably should have recognized the company as sketchy earlier on having not heard of it.

After recognizing his phone number as a Texas area code and looking around a bit more, I could find no information about this company which supposedly employs 2500 people worldwide. There is no linkedin page, facebook page, or other backlinks to the site. Further examination of the site yielded artifacts of a site generator template and simply copied and pasted information from other job sites. I also called the number for a business currently occupying the supposed address of the company and was told that they had never heard of Round Energy Offshore.

No money/SSN was requested at this time, but I guarantee that was coming further down the line. I was going to mess with the guy but got lazy and simply blocked the number/email.

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