Richard –

Victim Location 90014

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

i received this email this morning after telling Shelby M Baskin that I would be her personal assistant,

"You will receive the first task payment Today via US Postal Service Express before 12:30PM, here is the tracking number 9470101699320025731483 Take the check to your bank and make a deposit and wait next day for availability of the funds to complete the assignment, deduct your $250 first task salary payment then take the rest of the money to the nearest Western Union Money Transfer office and send it to my supplier at these details.

Receiver Name: Donna Moody

City State, Zip: Miami AZ 85539

Country: USA

Email me the receipt of the deposit as soon as you complete the deposit. When my suppliers get the money, they will ship the products (Art materials) to you. I will pick the materials up from you when I return back to the states. I want to meet up with you and talk about this job in person. How do you feel about meeting? What is the closest coffee shop to you?

Please go ahead and get this done. I will need the MTCN number with the total amount sent to my suppliers, after the transfer fee is deducted from the money. I will be on the lookout for your email to confirm payment deposit and when the money has been sent to my suppliers and here is the following transfer details needed.

Sender Name

MTCN: Money Transfer Control Number

Amount Sent

Transfer Charges

Take the payment to your Bank and deposit, not thru ATM. Deposit at bank and email me the receipt of the deposit as soon as you deposit.

Acknowledge receipt of this email."

when i got the check today. i called the bank and they told me they have no check of the sort in their system. It sounded like a scam from the beginning i just wanted to make sure

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