Rosenberg Group LLC

Frederick –

Victim Location 51105

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I recieved a call on June 6th, 2019 from 9166196855 which I initially ignored. They left a message. I checked my voicemail and the caller identified her self as a Heather Hernandez and she told me I was being sued. I called the number she provided, 8662771207 and a man identifying himself as a Jacob Edwards. He asked for the case number which the first caller provided, 484159.

I asked if their was a mistake then he sounded off my social security number and asked me if this was me. I told him yes. He then proceeded to tell me that I had been sued by Wells Fargo bank and that they had tried to contact me by mail. He said that mail had been sent to an address I had not lived at in over ten years, he also had my most current address. But since I did not respond a settlement was arranged in court he told me and damages in the amount of 1707 dollars had been awarded to the bank. I told him I have no memory of this so he then put me on hold and then returned to tell me it was 1300 and then I could settle for about 900.

I told him I could not afford this. I am currently homeless and I have no way to pay this. But I panicked and stupidly gave him my card info for my current bank account. I got off the phone with this Jacob and continued with what I was doing.

10 minutes later I decided to check all of my credit reports. I checked all three and this supposed debt did not appear on any of them. Not one. I proceeded to call my bank and cancel my card. I also called Wells Fargo, who on two separate occasions I have had checking accounts with. That’s it. No lines of credit, no loans or mortgages. They informed me that they had no record of this debt.

I also did a little research on this Rosenberg Group LLC after I was sent an email from them on June 7th, which ‘Jacob’ told me I would receive and I would need to use the link to digitally sign a legal document pertaining to our arrangement. Anyway this company has only existed since January 20th, 2019. I am no lawyer but being sued usually takes longer than four months to determine a verdict.

I want to report this so no one else falls for this. I was quick in action in response to this but others may not be so lucky.

Jordan –

Victim Location 19160

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Was called by this firm and told that I had an outstanding debt which I needed to resolve for a line of credit that I never applied for and never had.

The lady stating she is a litigator is not a licensed attorney or litigator. Scammer

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