Rosen Management

Brandy –

Victim Location 54115

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted on Saturday about a loan I supposedly took out in 2011 from Vince Enterprise LTD. Mary Peterson advised if I paid $590.00 that day, the issue would be resolved even though I owed $790.00. When asked the original amount of the loan, Mary could not give an answer – just advised somewhere between $400-$500. When doing research on this Rosen Management, come to find out they have multiple complaints filed against them. A phone number for Vince Enterprise LTD was found and called. They knew nothing about a loan, yet tried to sell me Protein Muscle Builder for body builders? I was then contacted today by a local number telling me legal action was going be taken if I did not pay my debts – basically calling me a deadbeat. When asked to send me the validation of debt paperwork, along with how to dispute this fraudulent activity, the gentleman declined. Per state of Wisconsin law, I have the right to request this information and it has to be sent within 5 days. Instead I was advised that my employment information had been verified and I can be expecting my wages to be garnished before being hung up on. This is not a legitimate company, and according to my attorney I have the right to request the above paperwork. Complaints have also been filed with the Federal Consumer Protection agency, along with the Consumer Finance agency.  (This company was charged for conducting this type of soliciatation in Idaho in 2013. According to that document, they are located in the West Indies…

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