Alejandro – May 12, 2020

Victim Location 38672

Total money lost $94

Type of a scam COVID-19 I ordered boxes of masks over a month ago, and paid extra for expedited shipping, and I have not received anything. The "tracking number" i keep getting is fake, not known by DHL. I have disputed this charge with my credit card company.

Elizabeth – May 11, 2020

Victim Location 03076

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam COVID-19

I ordered 4 boxes of masks on April 5, 2020 and they have not come. They keep referring me to DHL for their shipping, yet the "tracking number" is not known by DHL. they are obviously, not coming, since their expected delivery date was up to two weeks.

I received nothing.

Logan –

Victim Location 93551

Total money lost $108.60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some clothes from Rosegal and I have never been this disappointed. Very poor quality and fits. They only sent out 1/2 of my order to start with and when I received it I asked them not to send the other half as I got so disappointed. I also asked how to return these items and get my money back. First they told me to wait until I recurved my other package (which I still haven’t received 2 weeks later) before “they’d help me solve my issue”. I emailed them again and now they say they’ll only reimburse me half of what I paid and “sale” items are not returnable. And they have sale on most of their items so people won’t be able to return. I’m so dissatisfied and feel fooled by Rosegal.

Mark –

Victim Location 07643

Total money lost $45

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Do not buy from this retailer. I purchased an item and paid for expedited shipping on Dec 15th after contacting the company and insuring delivery by Dec 25. The person I spoke with on the phone guaranteed delivery by Dec 25 if I paid expedited shipping. As of Dec 26th item is still processing and no answer on their phones.

Zachary –

Victim Location 27217

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered Christmas presents for several of my family members and received a tracking number. FedEx stated they do not have a package. The phone number for has been disconnected and I tried a live chat. It states they are too busy to sever me at this time. SEVER

Janelle –

Victim Location 97471

Total money lost $17.77

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a glow in the dark fidget spinner for my grandson and a red, white and blue blouse for myself. I patiently waited for my products to arrive and one month later I started to wonder where my products were that I ordered. I went back online to the website to get a phone number so I could contact them and question them about my order but they have NO contact number just an email that you send your question through. I ordered my products on 6/6/17 and here it is October and I still haven’t received my products. Needless to say, I’m not very happy with this FAKE company.

Ronald –

Victim Location 21032

Total money lost $82.49

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered some tops for my 16 yo daughter. Received an email stating they received payment. 5 days later products not sent and I received an email stating they were waiting for payment I gave them. I tried to find my order in my account with them it was not there. Also there is no way to contact them. All avenues of communication r blocked.

Wendy –

Victim Location 01550

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered 3 items from this website, its been 3 months, and I’ve already paid. I’m glad it was only 20 dollars, but others lost more. Please do not order things from this please

Kristy –

Victim Location 73501

Total money lost $43.10

Type of a scam Online Purchase

An order for fashion clothing was placed, my credit card was billed immediately, I received an email that it was out for shipment via UPS, but almost one month later, UPS does not confirm the tracking number as track-able. When calling the customer service number listed on the website and the email I received, several times, and at different times throughout the day, it immediately drops the call leaving me unable to leave a message of any type. When attempting to send a response via email on the ‘click here’ link, it is extremely difficult to process any type of response. I have contacted my credit card company to notify them and ask if there is anything I can do as I feel this company is a scam.

Wendy –

Victim Location 92505

Total money lost $16.50

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Bought jumpsuit from paid for it thru paypal..been three merchandise…ever came..they took my money..thats it.

Brad –

Victim Location 27330

Total money lost $114

Type of a scam Online Purchase is scamming people. Their website has really cute clothes (and a sizing chart for ordering). It takes months for them to arrive because they are shipped from China. When they arrive, they are cheaply made (often plastic looking) and sized extremely small. It is very hard to contact them as their Customer Service number on their website doesn’t work. I had to file a dispute through Pay Pal to get a hold of them. When they responded back, they wanted pictures of the items. So, I sent them pictures. Then they offered me $10 for $30 worth of merchandise and told me to be patient that my coat was in transit (I couldn’t verify this because their tracking system doesn’t work). I ordered this stuff before Thanksgiving, the last item arrived Jan. 13 — two months to get here. Again, they offered me $10 for the $50 winter coat I paid for, which turned out to be as thin as a rain jacket (and very small again). I am including a picture of it. You will be able to tell that it’s not the nice fluffy coat that was on the website. It has no insulation between the thin inner and outer layers at all. I’m still talking to them via their system. I have to pay shipping to return their inferior products, which I am going to do because I don’t want their garbage. It’s going to cost me a fortune to return them to China. They are ripping people off, and I aim to tell everyone I can about it.

Kate –

Victim Location 43015

Total money lost $36

Type of a scam Other states they sell quality close with a United States 1-800 number yet things are shipped from china with poor quality and inaccurate sizes. May not even receive package at all. Terrible reviews and no customer service.

Beth –

Victim Location 32079

Total money lost $35

Type of a scam Other

The website shows clothes are in stock, then when you pay for your items and they don’t come for almost 2 weeks(shipping was 3-7 business days) and you email customer service they don’t get back with you for another week. They tell you all of the items you ordered are out of stock and will take at least 10 business days to get them back to the warehouse. After waiting almost a month for the clothes I ordered, I requested a refund, finally got it but they only returned half of my money because they said the other clothing items had already shipped! They never shipped any clothes to my house and never refunded the rest of my money. After all of this happened I looked this rosegal website up and every single review I’ve seen for this, even down to the apple itunes store for their app, has been awful. Everyone complains about either the same scam I am, or that the clothing apparently looks nothing like the advertisement. Please Get Rid Of This "Company". (P.S.- they have a fake phone line)

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