Room to Go

Jordan –

Victim Location 36092

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Other

I returned a sectional sofa in order to choose another sofa from Rooms to Go.I had a dispute with the store and customer service as to why the delivery fee and taxes were so high, after much dispute I was informed that I was being charged for a bond fabric proctector. The salesperson NEVER even mentioned this to me it was just placed on my order so it was taken off, also a reselect fee was added that I knew nothing about and it was removed ($99)The bond fee on the first set of furniture I had paid without any knowledge of having done so. The tax I paid on the returned furniture was deducted from my furniture balance therefore I had to pay tax again when the tax should have been returned to me. The store would not schedule a furniture pickup for the furniture to be picked up until I ordered more furniture and paid the taxes and delivery fee even though I had been told that I would just have pay tax on the difference which was $50.

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