Ronrim Services

Preston –

Victim Location 35986

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Ronrim Services or Ronrim Service is responsible for posting fraudulent customer service phone numbers, and web addresses claiming to be that of Coinbase, (an American Bitcoin Exchange) by purchasing search result space on the Google search engine, and possibly other search engines as well. In early 2018 after searching on Google for the Coinbase Customer Service number, and calling the number provided in the search results I was talking with a representative from Ronrim, and when asked if this was the number for Coinbase, I was put on hold and another gentleman introduced himself as Coinbase support. My question was in regards to transferring Crypto Currency from Binance (another exchange) to Coinbase. Luckily I was able to catch in time that this person wanted me to download remote access software on my phone, and not only wanted access to my Coinbase account but also my Binance account.

Later in the year I received a call from Ronrim posing as customer service with Coinbase, and reported the call immediately. After 30 minutes I took it upon myself to call Ronrim posing as an investor that was "totally new" to crypto currency. During this 10 minute conversation (which I recorded), i convinced him I was sending a check for $75,000 in the mail for Ronrim to "invest for me at their discretion with coinbase". After about 8 minutes I was in fact able to get this person with Ronrim to say they would take my money and invest it for me into Coinbase. I have all of this recorded in mp3 format. I also reported this incident to Coinbase themselves as well as their Physical address, website, phone numbers, and IP address. I was also able to learn that Ronrim’s web site is hosted through Amazon.

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