Rongzwinery Technology limited

Kristin – Jun 04, 2020

They scammed me to the same way but I am almost ready to find there domain then it’s time to [censored] them up bye Corrupting

Alyssa – Jun 04, 2020

That happened to me to

Lindsay – May 30, 2020

Victim Location 65721

Total money lost $90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went to buy a portable garage through Facebook link that doubles as a paint booth from they hit my card all right and then I found out that my money was shipped to China to the *********** ********** limited ….company, probably not even a company at all also be aware that ***************** anything they re selling will also not show up, and even though a site looks legit though these ones I believe we’re through Facebook I clicked on a YouTube ad to buy a paintless dent repair kit that screened me through ********** website and possibly Amazon,before you make any online purchases check with the better business bureau about the business and it you can’t find any information showing that they’re legit don’t buy it, I received confirmation emails right when I made the purchase but they erase the emails out of my phone for the paint booth I received a text message confirming the purchase but the site was bogus. The link in the text message went nowhere 404 page not found.

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