Ronald West imposter

Paula –

Victim Location 11238

Total money lost $1,450

Type of a scam Rental

On 1/12/2019, I email [email protected] inquiring about post on craigslist’s website advertising for rent a one bedroom apartment located in Honolulu, Hawaii. On 1/12/19, I receive a text message from +1 (863) 417-9173 responding to my 1/12 email asking for my private email.

On 1/13/19, I receive email from [email protected] identifying as Ronald West providing details about unit for rent as seen in advertisement, with accompanying text message from the 9173 number, and additional follow up text messages and emails on January 15th and 16th.

Both Ronald and I send emails and messages back and forth for the next few days culminating in an agreement to lease 201 Ohua Ave, Waikiki Banyon, Honolulu for $850 rent and $600 deposit—$1450 total—from 2/23/19 to 3/24/19.

Ronald and I sign an agreement on 1/19/19, send copies over email on 1/19/19, and I transfer money to BBVA Compass Bank from my personal checking account on 1/22/19. Ronald then sends a booking confirmation on 1/22/19.

While HAL 51 is landing at HNL from JFK at 4:30pm on February 23, 2019, I receive an email from West saying he is unable to check me in today because his son in FL was in an accident and is paralyzed and will check me in on Tuesday, 2/26/19. I am in Hawaii to sit for the bar exam on 2/26-27.

Last contact with West on lunch break of 2/26 in which he cancels Tuesday check in, and states will check me in next morning. West has not responded to any of my emails, calls, or text messages.

On 2/28/19,

I call BBVA bank to inquire about West as a client. Representative says bank account exists and name on record is Ronald West but to provide more information or reach out to West, I must visit a branch in person to provide identification. Their branches are primarily in southeast USA.

On 3/4/19, I go to 201 Oahu to ask about West. Front desk says they manage a few hotel units and 301 office knows about other units. Nice, helpful man and woman in 301 office search a database, found no records of West, suggest I meet with 4th floor offices because they have different database of owners. People in 401 office extremely nice, search all kinds of ways but could not find West. 402 office did not search a database but says confirmation letter is not familiar looking and suggest I visit security on first floor because they have full database of owners of all units in the building. 501 office unhelpful but gave me a card to call. Security on first floor helps a little as man wanted no part of it and woman sympathetic, but database search reveals no West.

Other units have owners who do not have actual offices but have phone numbers I will call.

On 1/19/19, I file report with officer M. King at a Honolulu Police Station with follow up email with evidence of facts above.

West is identifies as Ronald West, wife’s name xxxxx, born on April x, 1xxx, and currently residing at 2xxx xxx xxx Blvd, Honolulu. I have his bank account number and driver’s license number.

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