Ronald Johnson K

Jorge –

Victim Location 31404

Total money lost $260

Type of a scam Rental

Studio apartment was advertised on Craigslist a picture of the home and address was on the add I contacted the lanlord via text and she texted me back the studio was 230 a week we met up New year’s Eve and she showed me the studio I liked it and told her I’d get it I went to the gas station to get the money off my card she was calling me rushing me to hurry back I got back gave her 260,she gave me a key and had me sign a rule paper when my roommate was moving his stuff in a lady came into the apartment and asked who he was he questioned her back she said that was her apartment she called the lnalord and they got over there my roommate had me on speaker phone I hear the lady (lanlord) in the back cursing and talking trash I said somebody is going to give me my money back she said I’m not getting *** back your talking stupid then the girl who lives in the apartment gets on the phone saying honey you’ve been scammed somebody got ur money and ran, I have a description of what the girl looked like they said they didn’t know her or who I was talking about,after threatening to call the police and she them the husband of the lanlord shows my roommate a picture of the girl in his phone and showed him her facebook,(but you said you didn’t know her or who I was talking about) apparently they knew the girl and pushed her up to doing it…

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