Ronald Christopher Emerson

Dana –

Victim Location 27295

Total money lost $2,600

Type of a scam Home Improvement

On Thursday, May 26, 2016, while mowing my yard, I was approached by Ronald Emerson (NCDL# ***). He stated that he had asphalt left over from a job and offered to pave my driveway for $1.80 per square foot. He said he normally charged $2.25. I told him I wasn’t interested. He said it would be enough to pave the driveway apron and under the carport. I asked him total cost and he stated $400. He said 200 feet would be $400. I told him I was leaving for lunch and would be back in an hour and we could discuss the matter father at that time. He told me he would meet me back at that time. When I returned, Ronald was already placing asphalt. I didn’t stop him, since $400 was reasonable for the coverage. Prior to leaving for lunch, I did not tell him to start work so he did that of his own cognizance. When he finished the job, his crew left and he and a companion remained. Ronald advised me I owed him $2600. I told him the last price he quoted was $400. He said that was an example of what 200 square feet would cost. I reminded him I had asked him what the total would be and he had replied $400. The whole time he and I were discussing final payment, his companion continued to ask me questions as a distraction. At that point, I felt I had no choice but to pay him the amount since the work was completed.

On Friday, after having time to reflect on what had happened, my son called Ronald regarding the situation that took place. Ronald, in return, called me and agreed to refund me $1600 and would bring it by midweek. My son called Ronald on Wednesday to confirm a time to meet and Ronald advised him he didn’t have the money and would have to meet Friday. My son called Ronald again and confirmed that we would meet on Friday at 7 PM to receive the refund. He never showed and my son called him around 7:30. Ronald told him he only had $500 and had just left Raleigh and didn’t know what time he would be back in town.

FOX8 News featured a segment regarding this issue and interviewed me. The segment ran at 5PM on June 7, 2016.

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