Ronald Benjamin

Francisco –

Victim Location 78704

Type of a scam Rental

"Ronald Benjamin" listed his home for rent on Zillow, when I contacted him he sent me an e-mail back saying he was no longer working with the realtor and is able to let me rent the unit for less than half the price (from 1800 to 850/month). After indicating that I would rather see the unit before signing anything or sending any payments he said that he needed payment asap and that the keys are being fedex’ed to me already. The scammer sent me images of his "family" and after doing a reverse google image search I found they were images from a family in Appleton, WI called Tom Skyes (they have a blog: I also looked up the phone number via Facebook and found a Pagaras Maldita. Not sure how to proceed here, but this person sounds like an awful online predator. Please take care of this.


Isabelle Encela

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