Micah –

Victim Location 78253

Type of a scam Employment

I was sent a email stating that my resume was viewed and that if I was interested in job info on email to respond for interview. I responded and was set up for a interview a few days later. I missed the call and was able to call back about and hour later and spoke with a different gentleman than the one than called originally for interview. It was a company number I called (1-800-*** ext. 25) to speak with HR dept. I complete interview and received a email the next day stating I was selected for the job. I was sent form to DocuSign with details of job, pay, ins, PTO etc. I was asked to sign to except the position. I did sign and sent back. I was told that the first 30 days probation would be contract work so I needed to fill out I-9 form in which I did and sent it back. After the probation period I would would get a months pay of $2500 plus $50 for expenses or gas used. There after It would be $2500 a month plus $150 for expenses and I would than fill out a form for taxes to be taken out of check as I was now an employee. I started the job 6/12/19 and was created a log in ID and PW for the CRM portal to track packages and also upload pics of packages I receive as well as upload receipts once I ship off packages at fed ex or ups. This portal is also where I would print prepaid labels to send off package. I did this for a month than after the month which was end of my probation period I was told I would receive my check in the mail. I waited a week and nothing so I contacted Brie *** at [email protected] and she stated it may have been lost in the mail and that she would void that check and send another check. I waited another week and still nothing do I reached out to her again and she said to wait 7-10 business days so I waited again and well still nothing. I tried to email her again and my email was returned stating it could not be sent. I tried reaching my supervisor Nency Chase and David Lacey with HR and no returns emails or calls. The CRM portal has locked me out as well. This is when I knew something was not right. I than saw that others were leaving bad reviews on stating that they were going through the same thing. I still have a lot of correspondence letters from different customers from PayPal that they told me to never open. Attached is the first email from HR that I received. I have a ton more from HR, my supervisor and payroll dept.

Julie –

Victim Location 76117

Type of a scam Employment

This is an employment scam. They had me shipping packages for 30 days. And told me it was a probationary period for training. And after that I would be paid. Never received my check. Now the website is down. Be careful. Luckily I didn’t give money, but I did give my id picture.

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