Rollins Nagle

Mitchell – May 02, 2020

Victim Location 98125

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I received an email on 5/2/2020 with the content below. The hook is that it had an old password that I no longer use.

The email requested I BTC 3 000.00 dollars within 24 hours, or else. It suggested to find out online how to purchase BTC, in case I did not know. I had to read it out load to my partner. Here it is:

I am aware, xxxxxxxx####, is y??ur pas??wor??.

?? require yo??r total at??en??ion ??or t??e up coming 24 hrs, or I wi??l ????ke ??u??e you tha?? you ??i??e out ???? sh??m?? f??r t??e ????st of your li??eti??e.

Hel??o ??he??e, ??o?? don’t kn??w ??e per??on??????y. But ?? ??now pretty m????h e????ry??hing conce??ni??g you. You?? fb cont??ct ??ist, ??obile phone cont??c??s a??d ????l the digi??al ac??iv??t?? ??n yo??r com????ter fro?? ??revio???? ????7 ??ays.

I??clu??????g, ??o??r m????turb??tion vi??e?? cl??ps, ??hich brings me to the prim??r?? reas???? ??hy ?? ‘m wr??ting this pa??tic????ar ??ail to you.

Well ??he previous time ??ou ??i??ited the adult ??orn online sit??s, my mal??are was a??????vated in y??ur ???? whic?? ??nded up s??ooting a lovely video clip of your mastu??bat??on play simply by t??????gerin?? you?? c??m.

(you got a excepti??n??ll?? weird p??????erenc?? btw lmao)

?? ha??e ??he entire ????cor??ing. ??f you fe??l I ‘?? me??sing ??round, jus?? ??eply ??ro???? and I will be ??or??ar????ng t???? ??ecor??ing ??a??dom??y to 3 people yo?? know.

??t m??ght be your frien??, ???? workers, bo??s, parents (I don’?? know! My softwar?? progra?? will ra????omly ??elect ??he contac?? details).

Wou???? you be a??le t?? look in??o anyone’s eyes ag????n a??ter it? I question it…

Nonetheless, it d????s not nee?? to be that route.

??’?? going to mak?? y??u a 1 ti??e, non ??ego??iab??e offer.

Buy $ 3000 in ????C and send it on the ??elow address:


[case-sensitiv??, ????p?? ?????? paste it, and remove ** f??om it]

(If yo?? ??on’t know h??w, l????k on??ine ??o?? to purchas?? ??TC. Do not ????ste my ??mp??rtant ????me)

??f you s??nd this ‘??onation’ (w??y don’t we ca??l it that?). Imm????iately ??ft??r tha??, I wil?? di??appear f???? good . and n??ver make co??tact with you again. I ??ill delete ??veryt????ng I’ve got co??cer??i??g you. ????u may proceed liv?????? y??u?? c??rr??nt regu????r ??ay ??o day lif??styl?? ???????? no concerns.

??ou hav?? ?? day to ??o ??o. ??our time ??ta????s off as soon you check ????t this e mail. I h??ve g??t an on?? ??f a kind ????og????m cod?? ??hat wil?? infor?? me ??s ??o??n as ????u g?? through ??hi?? e-mail t??????efor?? do not atte??pt ???? pl??y smar??.

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