Rolex Courier Company

Glenn –

Total money lost $99,530

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

I am pastor of North Vancouver Christ Church. Back in 2007 a family came to our church. They were showing that they are rich, and have a successful business. (Courier company). Salar Zandyiehnadem, in 2010 asked me for 1st loan which supposed to be paid within few months, but not only he did not pay his debt he asked for more loan and promised to pay all at once. In the mean time he was telling me that his wife has a claim vs. Surrey Hospital, and when they get their compensation, he would pay the debt, and He started to borrow even more. Then his daughter, had car accident, so she started to borrow money and promised when she get her compensation from ICBC would pay all her debts as well as her parents debts. In 2016, my wife and I understood that they have scammed us and they were on the run. In the meantime we filed a Notice of Civil Claim at Vancouver Registry (Supreme Court/ S-169204). I have found out lots of information about this fraudulent family, and I wish that I could share these information to the public. We have suffered a lot financially as well as emotionally.


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