Roku Spoof Scam

Brian –

Victim Location 45205

Type of a scam Tech Support

I thought I had found the number for Roku TV, I called it earlier today 1-28-19 because it was not working 1-855-398-1999. I didn’t feel right about it, so I called Hitchaci, maker of my tv, and they said I shouldn’t have to pay for anything, then I called to get the number for Roku to set up my tv and they said they were busy and would call back. I went online and punched in Roku TV and that number 1-855-398-1999 pulled up. When I called number,and they said I had to pay $200 to set it up and I never heard of that. He said I was paying $200 to get the Roku turned on. Now when you get Roku you have to pay to get it cut off. I acted like I was going to pay him, so I called him. After I called the real Roku number, he called and asked me if I was going to pay $200, and he said everyone that has Roku has to pay $200, and then he started using curse words and I could hear other people in the background, they were telling each other to be quiet, so that they could hear on the phone, it is always the same person with a foreign Indian-sounding accent. He said his name was Ron. He got control of my tv to turn it on. He told me to use my credit card to pay the money. It was a more-like demanding conversation, demanding you to pay, but in a nice way. Just now when I told him I wasn’t going to pay, he starting cussing me out. He called me back right before I called BBB, and he asked did I call earlier, and I told him that I just talked to him and I am not paying anything you all are playing scams, and I said I forgot to tell you that my phone is recording (just to play with his mind) and then he started cussing me out.

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