Lance – May 15, 2020

Victim Location 77705

Total money lost $99.99

Type of a scam Other

I purchased a Roku back in March and was setting it up to be used. When going through the steps as prompted once I got to the screen to enter the activation code it on the website it said invalid code so then it prompted me to to contact an agent to get it activated. As I talked to this supposed agent he tells me that I had to pay a one time fee of $99.99 to activate the Roku and receive over 200 channels, so of course I did it thinking ok in order for it to work ghis is what I have to do. Well I purchased another Roku and it did the same thing to me and across the bottom of the Roku screen it clearly states Roku DOES NOT charge for activation…I immediately felt dumb and asked myself HOW did I fall victim to this when I deal with these kinds of things at work and try to help others NOT to get scammed. I am feeling a mix of emotions I am so upset, and confused because I am out of money that I cant get back and mad because I has a weak moment. Please be careful and READ.

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