Roger Allen Homes

Calvin –

Victim Location 75067

Total money lost $10,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

This business is a scam. If you meet anyone named Roger Allan Paris, he is a scam artist pretending to be a contractor. He lies and doesn’t have any experience with quality homes. He will scam you for your money. He’s been to jail several times because he is notorious for not paying his employees. I was once a client and he never paid his employees which is a common complaint I heard from them. ALSO do not trust his associate TIM HUDSON, he is also a scam artist. They claim a 1 year warranty and don’t actually mean their word even though it is in a contract. Roger keeps creating new businesses. All of his work was terrible and he will try to scam you out of more and more money out of the way. If you don’t believe this warning and still talk to him, he will spew several lies to convince you otherwise. Do not believe a single thing he says. Trust me when I say, he has no idea about home improvement. He is the worst and [censored] of a contractor I’ve ever come across. His associate TIM HUDSON is also a liar and they work together to scam customers. They also use inexperienced employees. I regret ever attempting to use his company.

Roger goes under several company names such as:




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