Roger Allen Davis of Riviv3 Procare

Ernest –

Victim Location 91367

Total money lost $35,000

Type of a scam Other

Roger Allen Davis represents to potential victims a purported hair care product company that needs investors in exchange for stock options that don’t exist with Reviv3 (a.k.a. Hair Trinity) Davis represents himself as sole owner of good and marketable shares of Reviv3. Davis does not have the authority to represent this company or any market shares. My $35,000 investment was spent for Roger Davis personal use. Deliberate misrepresentation and acceptance of investment money totals $35,000 from MYSELF and hundreds of thousands from three other known victims. Victim #1 – 105K, Victim #2 170K, Victim #3 160K

Davis usually befriends victims and over time, gets them to rely on his representation of the fictional investment before perpetrating the intentional fraud so as to increase level of trust and dollars scammed. Davis has also failed to make investment refund payment/s on $35,000 Promissory Note, that was signed following his breech of contract with the fraudulent stock transaction. He has a history of victims, and continues to evade the law, and scam more people, with his willful fraudulent misrepresentations associated with this company Reviv3 and a.k.a. Hair Trinity.

He has at minimum 6 web sites:

Revive Procare (reviv3)

Roger Allen Davis has also been spotted on Linked In trolling for investors.

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