Rodriquez Remodeling LLC

Larry –

Victim Location 46278

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Terrible "contractor" if you want to call him that. Paul will tell you he has 25 years of experience in the field of home renovations but truly I find it hard to believe anything he says. In fact, his integrity is by far well below average. Multiple times he made commitments and failed on every one. Not only are character and business flaws abundant, he showed up the first day and only the first day of the job. He collected the first installment and he was never seen again. Upon repeated contacts, he kept making arrangements to come work and never showed. He took extra money to buy supplies that never appeared. Trying to reach him, he began screening calls and then texting back that he needs his "peace" and that he was being harassed. Sorry Paul, you stole money. That isn’t harassment. It’s called follow up. As for his experience, he will tell you that he has a seasoned crew. He doesn’t. He showed up on the job with someone that never in their life worked with drywall. After the first day and collecting his money, he tried to give the job away to his helper who had no idea what he was doing. Furthermore, he never bothered to show up to pay his people. I had to pay them for the work that they attempted to do. Do yourself a favor, avoid this person all together and hire a professional. Paul doesn’t act like one in the least.

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