Rodin Garvey

Amy –

Victim Location 78542

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Rental

This person pretend to be the owner of the house that we wanted to rent in Austin Tx,we sent $1000 to hold it for us,and he did gave me the code to go into the house,so we really thought it was real till we try to send the rest god put so many inconvenience to send it and the thing was that the guy gave me different names and Cities to try to send the money,it just wasn’t right,so I asked my old landlord and he find out that the house was still available and under remodeling so I called the realtor who is in charge of the house,so he did told me about the scam and to not to send more money,I try to get my money back but the guy just said no. There’s like other 3 guys with him in different cities ,Henry Graig,Mathins Darren and Toochi Emmanuel Anisiobi

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