Billy – Jun 05, 2020

A month ago I order 3 wiggs, for 69.99 and paid 24.99 for 1 day shipping! A month later still no wiggs! I tried to contact the company via email several times and no response! I asked for my money back several times no response! I wear wiggs and a lot of my friends and family do to , I told everyone about this company! It’s nothing but a scam and I wish someone would shut them down ! All they do is send cheap costume wiggs and or you never get your money back when you cancel! A big waist of time and money! I hope by me spreading the word about this company on Facebook and Twitter this company will be shut down soon! Beware Scam!

Wayne – May 24, 2020

I am not white, I ordered wigs from a African American prospective because it was shown on your website ,the hair is falling out like pet hair. None of the wigs are like what was describe in the ad on the website. I’m trying to be nice,but you should be ashamed and the phone number is fake. Lady if I saw you it would be a knock down drag out moment, no one deserves to be scammed, no matter how young,what color, or what you need to make ends meet. Shame on you. I will be expecting my money back and I would love to send this mess back but there is 0 return labels and no real phone number. You Suck! Lady you are the worst

Candice – May 04, 2020

Victim Location 78221

Total money lost $35.98

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They sent wrong product. Tried to contact them 7 times via email and no response til last email and still haven’t sent my product or reimbursed me. Their phone number on the website is fake.

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