Rockwall Property Management

Caitlin –

Total money lost $20,000

Type of a scam Other

There was a big US company(unknamed) that was buying a block of time shares in PV. Mexico, 41 in all.. The buyer would reimburse the transfer fee,19% Tax lien and registry,and the 8% commission and closing costs but the money had to be put out front first due to the Mexican Government wanting proof that there was no money laundering going on. The 41 block purchase had to be spit up also. This looked all legal with the e-mails, phone calls and wire transfers. When requested transaction receipts , the company came up with lame excuses like the accounting department was at fault and then cut short any phone calls being made to them. I was in Mexico at this time and the phone service and internet were very poor during this time. Decided to call the BBB and that’s when I knew too late I was scammed by a very sophisticated company working with The Bradley Group Representatives out of Richmond, Virginia. I believe they were together in Pittsburgh working in one office only. The "Mexican" receptionist sounded very much the same in both places. The other two men were American.

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