Rockin Rustic Creations

Lacey – Sep 11, 2020

Victim Location 32065

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Other

Upon coming across this what I thought was a legitimate local business, since Jennifer Lynn *********¬†picture were what we were looking for. We decided to give her a partial deposit to have her build furniture. Once the funds were in her hands, she was not responsive. I will leave the rest of the details to law enforcement, however, she is a scammer. Taking peoples money and delivering junk or nothing at all. She claims the negative reviews are from like business that want to put her out of business. That is a flat out lie. She is running a racket, posting pictures of wads of cash on Facebook…our hard earned cash. Everyone needs to stand clear of this fraud. When you can catch her out of the county jail, she is scamming people out of money. There are more details which if someone would like to discuss I will be happy to share. If she is not stopped she she continue to do what she is doing as she has no fear of consequences.

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