Rockin rustic creation

Devin – Jun 18, 2020

Jennifer Brooker is a scam artist! Furniture is porely made and falling apart. Hardware doesn’t even match. She makes excuses and you can never get a hold of her. My furniture took 6 months to make and she scheduled deliver multiple times and just never showed. I finally got my furniture and had to fix it myself as it was falling apart. I was missing a $500 piece of furniture that I ordered and she promised to make it and bring it back and fix all my issues and never did. SHe has since blocked me and will not return phone calls or messages. DO NOT ORDER FROM HER!

Derrick –

Victim Location 32068

Type of a scam Other

She claims to be licensed and she is not. Her furniture is not made properly and will fall apart when you call her to have it fixed she says it’s not her problem now. She listened her business out of a home where she does not reside at and builds in a storage unit she rents! Her products take 6months to receive and she will take your money and not refund you for any issues

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  1. We placed our order over A YEAR ago, and it has been PAID IN FULL. We still have not received all of what we ordered, even though she has made and broken many promises of delivery (even the stuff we did receive took months of hounding across multiple platforms as she wouldn’t return messages).

    Naturally, I complained (as anyone would). And she told me that we will never get the rest of our order.

    Her lack of morals and professionalism is beyond belief…

    To top it off, the furniture we did get from her was of very poor quality. We had to reinforce nearly every piece just to make it safe/functional…what a shame

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