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Jeremy –

Victim Location 95030

Total money lost $75,000

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Mr. Dennis Fountaine, initially came to the urgent care clinic I was working as a patient for an outpatient surgery. He called the clinic and asked the front desk to call him back almost 1 month after his last visits. Returning his call He expressed that "he was really impressed with my medical knowledge and expertise and he is the CEO of company (Medical Robotics technology), asked me to meet with him and his brother in their office in Los Gatos.

During the meeting he explained that he and his brother (Rick) has been in the Medical Robotic industries and he has had multiple patents and gave me their company brochure and some demos in their office. He expressed that he just completed his last project which was a medical Robot helping lonely elderlies, disabled Veterans, Nursing home patients and his product(Homer)

Which he and his brother showed the Demo is ready to be sold to large companies like Amazon or the private investors and he wanted me to be the medical director since that’s what they need to represent the Homer (Robot) to the investors and they cannot imagine anyone would better take this position since they noticed I was very knowledgeable, technology savvy, interested with Robotics and love to serve the people in need.

They also offered me to invest in Homer, besides being their medical director, since they think I deserve to become a “share holder”. They also said that they presented Homer to several large companies and private bankers and investors and some already showed interest.

They also told me that Homer project took longer time that they were expecting to finish and they have some financial limitations to pay my salary ( as the medical director) at they would like to offer me 5% of the profit instead after Homer sold.

I explained to them that I am not ready financially, since I was in the middle of my residency training and already had large amount of debts and loans to be paid and that’s why I was working 7 days a week.

They asked me if I had any friends or colleagues might be interested in investing in the Homer project and I told them that I would check and will let them know.

Dennis texted me several days later, to inform me that they were finalizing in negotiation with a company interested in Homer who already offered them 1.4 million US dollars.

Later on, Dennis told me that the deal was finalized and they received the check and we have to celebrate.

Couple of weeks later, they told me that the check was bounced!! After being deposited and the buyer (The CEO of a company in Los Gatos, fled to Dubai!!!)

They said they are hiring a lawyer to freeze their assets and take legal actions against him. I recommended them to inform the law enforcements.

Obviously they didn’t inform any law enforcements and they said their lawyer is taking care of it. They told me I shouldn’t be worry since Amazon and Alexa are also very interested in Homer.

They told me that they are in real troubles for the bounced check, since the patent lawyer won’t finalize filing the patent until being paid. He reassured me that they will pay my money back, and showed me the Royalty check of 48’000$/months, from his previous patents.

They said, if I borrow them some amount, they will return the money in maximum 2 weeks plus the interest and 7.5% of the share. I told them, I would help them and I won’t accept the interest, since it’s against my Christian belief system.

Meanwhile I was approaching several of my colleagues and friends and I accommodate for the Homer presentation with them. After several weeks, none was interested or ready to invest with them.

Finally they told me, that they have a meeting with Amazon VP, for the final Demo for a preliminary offer of 5 M $ , but because the engineer’s payment were past due, the final software part was not released by them and they needed some short term rescue loan and reassured me by showing the Royalty check documents. He also told me he owns a wonderful home in Los Gatos worth millions of dollars. He gave me a check for 50K $ on his last request for travel expenses and asked me to deposit it in 1 week. After one week going to his bank there was not sufficient amount available. Later on Los Gatos detective officer Boom confirmed with the Chase bank about the insufficient fund.

Again, I had been reminding them over and over, that I had already extended my Tax payments because they never paid me back.

Enclosed please find the copy of the text messaging over the last several months when he was communicating.

Upon further investigation with him he had criminal records in Florida and he has been approaching fraudulently several other people in California (Palo Alto) and took over hundreds of dollars from people for their fake Robotic products.

On the website, it shows that their company still existing, with A+ rate. I filed a police report at LGPD in 2016.

My 2015/2016 taxes has not been paid yet, because of being the victim of these crooked people.

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