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Martin – Oct 05, 2020

Guys plz help me . I’m a stayed at home mom . I have been working for them for about 3 month . I’m afraid now after reading all this . What should I do ? Should I call the police ?

Clinton – Jul 27, 2020

This company steals people’s credit card information to buy items online them ships them to unsuspecting “shipping managers” (work from home persons). They don’t want to be caught with the stolen items so they “hire” stay at home people to “re-ship” stolen items. They’ve cost the US and many businesses millions of dollars. They work under multiple names and no one should work for them. Police investigate but cases “ship” across state lines – thus making it very hard to catch up to the REAL suspect. DON’T WORK FOR THIS SCAM!

Carlos – Oct 05, 2020

Omg I can’t believe this . What should I do I have been working for them for about a month . I’m so scare now , should I tell them the police is involve ? Should I call the police ? I feel so stupid for believing this was a legit work .

Armando – Jul 14, 2020

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Initial means of contact Not applicable

There using stolen credit cards buying goods and having the stolen goods delivered to my house so when the owner of the credit card starts pressing they find out that the items purchased on there stolen credit card were delivered to my address so guess who’s stuck with stolen property and little or no explanation as to why items purchased on stolen credit cards are being delivered to my home when I found out and tried to quit they threatened me with the police I’ve since changed my number but they have my address still…said her name was lisa Cole but payment came from Alejandro manis

Haley – May 24, 2020

I work for rocket parcel and I love it .. it’s a fun gig easy money all works for nev

Bridget – Apr 24, 2020

SCAM RIP OFF ETC.. I also tried this company. Found them on . they are in the UK.. there is no customer support. I had a person almost get her bank account hacked by Wayfair for something Rocket parcel had me ship . Everything would come in someone elses name to my house.. then ship from my house to someone else. These people are using us to ship items and hack accounts ! PERIOD! When I told them the police were involved and wanted information the package I was to recieve on 4/24 suddenly got cancelled. It seems that you are getting a product from .. say .. best buy.. and sending it somewhere.. when Joe Smith gets an email from best buy thanking him for his purchase and it has his account info but they shipped the stuff to my address.. Makes me look like I hacked into his account and purchased things at Best buy because it is coming to my address.. Such a crock! If it sounds too good to be true, its a scam! I should of known better!

Gloria – Jun 25, 2020

Victim Location 19943

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email about a job, the job sound pretty decent so I decided to apply, the company had a website I could go look at, so I thought nothing of it, I started receiving packages, not with my name on them but someone else name, and the address was off my 2 numbers, so I figured maybe they have the wrong address and would take it down the street to the correct address, a day later I received a email with tracking info, saying to print the pre-paid shipping label and ship package to that address,I had forgot all about this company because I applied for it in October, now here we are in January.

Brad –

Victim Location 32908

Type of a scam Employment

I first received an e-mail that is:

Tracy Dahya


[email protected]

Aug 23 at 7:17 PM


We have an exhilarating job opportunity in the available position of Package Manager in our growing logistics company.

We offer a very attractive starting remuneration with other benefits.

We will also train you so that you be effective in your new position.

We got your contact information from CareerBuilder and suppose with your experience, you’d be a critical addition to our workforce. Simply respond to this address and someone from our company will contact you. Pay no mind to this email if not interested.

Vacancy Title: Package Manager

Compensation: $800/week

Mentioned appointment is consigned solely to home-birds.

If you are may staying at house from 9am and to 5pm, said post should be designed especially for you.You will carry on to work with packs.

You shall have to take packs, repack mentioned and ship them to the end addressee. The mentioned appointment is very simple & it is perfectly allotted for housewives, elderly & alike which either deal in their habitation or are at home in sun-time hours.

There will be no heavy batches. Majority shipment comprise of trifles and gown.

All employment-related costs are on us.

To function for ours partnership you must have a computer with an access to the Internet, a cellular phone and a printer to print necessary documents.

The total sum of cash you can be receiving rely upon on the quantum of parcels you shall be treating .During the test time our workers receive up to $800/week.

If you are interested, please contact us via email.

P.S. To capacitate, all you have to do is to remain in between 9am and 5pm. You must meet this condition or, this job is not for you.


Which I did respond asking for additional information but I never received a response.

Then in September on the same e-mail strand I received this:

Anthony Matthis


Laura Carroll

Sep 11 at 1:39 PM

Dear Laura,

I’m HR manager in TPL Recruitment. We have an offer from TopChoice Delivery.

They have only one vacant position now and you can apply for it right now.

I have attached file with description to this message.

Please read it carefully. You will find the info "How to move forward" and answers to any questions in it.

Waiting for your response today!


Anthony Matthis

TPL Recruitment HR department

Again no response after.

Now again, on the same email strand:

Larry Haller


Laura Carroll

Dec 2 at 1:50 PM

Dear Laura,

I’m HR manager in IRC Recruitment. We have an offer from RocketParcel delivery.

They have only one vacant position now and you can apply for it right now.

I have attached file with description to this message.

Please read it carefully.

Kindly fill out the Application Form on the link below and our manager will contact you by the phone for the interview.

<span title="… />
Waiting for your response today!


Larry Haller

IRC Recruitment HR department

These all came on the same e-mail that it originated from, using different e-mail address and company names and different pay information and etc.

Unfortunately I clicked on the job description, which hopefully didn’t harm my computer or allow them access to any of my information.

Hector –

Today is June 24, 2020, two days ago my fiance’ received the exact same email response as above, with the exact same google link. The HR manager on his email is from “Thomas Walton at LTM Recruitment. I will let him know, yes it is a scam…thanks!

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