Rockefeller Grant Foundation Reviews - Rockefeller Grant Foundation Scam or Legit

Fernando –

Victim Location 02664

Type of a scam Charity

The initial contact came in through a fake Facebook profile, using a real friend of mine’s name and photo, by sending me a message on Messenger. "She" asked how I was doing, I replied in kind, to which "she" said, "I’m living very well thanks to this grant the Rockefeller Grant Foundation gives to American citizens to keep up their standard of living. I got $100,000 dollars when I was eligible. And you don’t have to repay this money back." And it took off from there, I got hooked because "a friend of mine" was telling me this. They asked for name, address, disability status, house ownership, credit cards ownership, marital status. After that they asked for $500 to apply for a $50,000 grant, which incrementally increased to $500,000 grant with the appropriate fee to be paid. I checked my friend’s name on messenger and sure enough, there were two identical profiles of her instead of one, so I blocked the one I had chatted with.

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