Rock Hard Construction

Manuel –

Victim Location 46766

Total money lost $9,200

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A road crew stopped at my residence in Oct 2019 and said they had some material left over from their previous job and offered to chip and seal my driveway for $18 a yard. They did the work which i estimated to cost around $4000 and presented me with a bill for $9200. I was intimidated by the workers and wrote them a check and told them it wouldn’t be good for a week because that was more than i had planned to spend. They agreed. I spoke to the police, the and other construction companies and determined their price was excessive and they overcharged me after my son measured the area of the driveway. They charged me for 511 yards but my son measured at most a little over 300 yards. I stopped payment of the check and called them and offered a reasonable settlement based on the actual work done. They said they would put a lien on my home and hung up on me. Their invoice says Rock Hard Construction but according to the DOT number on their trucks, the company who owns the trucks is listed as Road Maintenance with a physical address in Decatur, IL and a mailing address at a PO box in Miami, OK. They also told me to make the check payable to Tyrone Handberry and not the company name which was also a red flag. I later learned after calling a few local road construction companies that the average rate for this type of work is $10 to $13 a yard. Based on this information, a fair market price should be around $3000 for the work.

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