ROC off Productions

Robert – Aug 06, 2020

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Employment

So I was actively looking for customer representative jobs and I applied for this job at Roc off Productions and within a couple days they had contacted me that I was a good candidate for the position. At first I thought it was weird that the interview was through messaging (google hangouts)and no phone call and the fact that the company was based out of the states also it was After the messaging interview was done Daniel said to contact him on Monday to find out if I got the position. So I got the position and after a little discussion and offering that everything that I need for my home office was going to be free/reimbursement and this included and 4 in 1 printer a Mac book air 2019 and any software or security I needed. But my first step was to go buy $1000 worth of Google play cards for my software security and he had sent me a cheque via email, and during all of this he was super pushy kept calling and texting to check if I got the cards and paper printed. So I had called my bank about other reasons but they brought to my attention that this was all a scam. And now I am taking the necessary steps to protect myself, since he has ALL MY INFORMATION. He also ordered a phone he wanted me to use for work through Bell. HIS NAME IS DANIEL LIMON AND SAYS HE WORKS FOR ROC OFF PRODUCTIONS. THIS INDIVDUAL DOES NOT!!!!!

Bridget –

Same thing happened to me – Started with a message on my phone and when i asked about the details he asked me to come to skype. Then i told him to send email. Which he doesn’t wanted to and finialy when he sent there were lot of items which has Spam flags in emails.. then i went online and double checked its a spam… The guy contacted me is -Todd Fancher – Roc-off **** Beware

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