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Andrea –

Victim Location 50263

Type of a scam Romance

A man named "Robert Turner" began communicating with me on the dating site (Plenty of Fish). Within a few days we began communicating through text message. This man had an incredible story where he shared that his wife died in a car accident about 5 years ago and is now living in Michigan raising his two children on his own. He proceeded to share that he has not dated in 5 years and is ready to start a new relationship. He told me that he was an only child and that his parents were both deceased. When information he was telling me via text did not match up with his profile, I began to question him. He was put off by my questions and said that I did not have faith in him and that I ruined his plans for "US." He wrote enough to appease me, but when I did a reverse search on his phone number and looked up his name I could not find any information. I then searched his picture and found out he was a famous author, poet, sports caster, and podcaster who was married and had two children from a previous marriage. Long story short. He continued with his lies and said he would explain everything once we were together. I insisted on recent pictures of him, and I wanted to video chat. Most pictures I could find on-line and we have yet to video-chat. Then, the time frame from when he posted things on his Intagram did not match up with where he was telling me he was from; Lansing, MI. He was actually in Sweeden and he was not the man in the pictures. The last straw came when he said he was going to be in Dubia for two weeks. He told me a client was needing to pay him and he wouldn’t be there to except and asked if I could do it. I laughed and said, why can’t people in your office do it? He said nothing. He contiued to ask me for my bank information: Bank name, account number, and password. I did not give it to him, but he continued to message. Pictures began to be posted on his Instagram again, and he was not in Dubai in any of those pictures. I recently told him to leave me alone because I knew he is a scammer. He said he was upset and that my false allegations and that my message was unacceptable. He writes pretty well, but when I talk to him on the phone, it is sometimes very difficult to understand him because his accent is so thick. He admits to being from Sweden, but moved to the U.S. when he was 12. (No way with that accent) I gave him an opportunity to clear things up and tell the truth, but he did not respond.

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