Robo Call

Patricia – Aug 12, 2020

Victim Location 30016

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call (robo call) from this number 203 408 2005 to call back as there is a pending case against me. I called back and a lady stated that I owed funds from a loan I took out and did not pay back as they were unable to withdraw funds from my checking account. She said that I was contacted by phone, mail and email by the lender and that I never responded and my loan was in default as of 2016. She had my address, email address and the name of my bank. I asked several times for the amount of the loan and the origination date and was only giving that that the loan was between $100 and $500 dollars and that I am being sued for that amount plus late fees and there will be added court costs. I asked how to get this taken care of and was transferred to a compliance offers by the name of James Jones.When James Jones was connected he spoke about 100 miles per hour stating this issue was not about a loan at this point it was about a worthless check and that I am accountable for this and will get a court date with Newton County superior court. I said I did not have any calls, emails or mail regarding this matter and I have no outstanding loans and that I would check with my bank on any attempted or processed transactions during 2008-2012. the told me that the bank would not have transactions back that far and that I could make arrangements with them to pay $1536 at a settlement of $800 or three payments of $350 to be deducted from my checking account. I said I need proof that I owe this money before I commit to any transactions. Mr. Jones refuse to send me any proof that I owe this money and ask me to make up my mind if I wanted the payment plan or go to court. I told him to send me that contact via email they have on file and he rudely stated the I do not want to comply and they will see me in court. I called the company I was told was the pursuer of this – Direct Cash Loans and they said it is a scam and they have been getting calls from others who have experienced the same. I was advised to call them back and ask for a chain of title of the loan and to report this to the BBB. I did call and ask for the Chain of title of the loan only to be told again by James Jones that they will send out nothing and that I will get a court date. The number I was contacted from is 203-408-2005 . Mr. James Jones the supposedly compliance officer can be reach at that number. This is a real scam that needs to be investigated. As they get people very upset and could unknowingly give out banking information to these people. How they got my email address, bank name, home address and phone number is unreal!

Patrick –

Victim Location 24590

Type of a scam Identity Theft

She say this is a recorded message. I didn’t ask “yes” but did answer Ok at one point. She hang up.

Alexandra –

Victim Location 23231

Type of a scam Phishing

This is a voice recorded call, can you hear me?

Patrick –

Victim Location 30236

Type of a scam Phishing



8:28 AM EST


Received unauthorized phone call from unrecognized number:


"Awbrey Palmier"

Alda Street

Ashburn/TURNER/ GA 31714

"Google"results show many complaints, including a phony "Police Benevolence" scam.

Please investigate thoroughly. Thank you.

Javier –

Victim Location 63303

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

Second time this number has called me. The first time (August 13 @ 9:27am) the robot answered my hello and I hung up. The second time (August 15 @ 1:07) I answered and the line was silent, a few seconds later the call was disconnected. Didn’t realize it was the same number until I checked my call log.

Brett –

Victim Location 63114

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Robotic voice claimed that I had four serious allegations against me and I needed to call within 24 hours to straighten up the problem. Called back but the number was not assigned to anyone.

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