Roberta Kuehu

Adrienne –

Victim Location 19030

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I put an iPhone for sale in Facebook market place a woman messaged me about the phone to buy I listed it for $247 she was paying me $260 paying with PayPal for shipping costs also then I get the mailing address and the name is different then the woman who contacted me and the first woman lived in Georgia and it was being mailed to Hawaii and then the PayPal email comes and it is being paid by another person this time a mans name and and not 260 but $280 the email said as the pending transaction so of course not til after I mail the pkg and hour later nothing is still showing up in my PayPal Acct just these emails so I called PayPal of course there was no pending transfer to my PayPal Acct for $280 so I called the post office to stop the delivery of cell phone and I found the online interception of pkg and mine was eligible except the post office said could not be intercepted pkg could not be found and isn’t that funny because it had a tracking number and texted me every stop that pkg made so 8pm on Monday March 12th 2018 the pkg arrived at the scammers address free cell phone

Then even after this they had the balls to contact me stating that $400 was being transferred to my PayPal Acct and I needed to send them $120 before the PayPal transfer could go thru luckily I already knew that was a scam as well so they didn’t scam me twice

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