Robert Matthews / Phishing Phone Call

David – Sep 09, 2020

Robert Matthew’s with the SS Administration…agent no. 10877616…called my elderly mother this morning telling her there was a drug raid in El Paso, Tx. & she was there. The guy proceeds to tell her they have her Dr. Lic., as she is, actually looking at her Dr. Lic. while on phone w/this guy! He tells her there is a warrant for her arrest! She started asking him a bunch of questions & the guy hung up on her. This call upset my mother, greatly! Let me make this clear for those wondering…my mother has never done drugs, (very much against them) never been in a drug raid, never been to El Paso, never had a warrant & has her Dr. Lic. in her possession. The only law she ever broke was getting a speeding ticket! Please stop this! I can’t get my mother to quit answering the phone.

Denise – Jul 24, 2020

Victim Location 44122

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a call from a person named Robert Matthews who gave me an ID# 10877616.he never identified who he was working for. He said he was calling because someone was trying to use my social security number to purchase a car. I told him I have not tried to purchase a car and have not driven one in years. He asked me if I owned a cellphone, and I stated yes.The call hung up as soon as I answered his question. I then called the to report this.

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