Robert-kim munchkin cattery

Alexander – Mar 09, 2020

Victim Location 37235

Total money lost $1,160

Type of a scam Online Purchase

*This is a professional scam group, DON’T BELIEVE THEM*

I was browsing the internet to buy a munchkin cat, and happen to see this website. It looks legit but really is a scam. I contacted the owner of the cattery and the owner replied with fees: $900 cat and $270 shipping. I thought it was normal. After submitting $1160, I received a contract. The original shipping date was supposed to be 03/02, but I was out of the town, so I requested a delay. Then, the owner told me the cat had to be shipped on Friday. I agreed. On Friday, the owner said there is a $1400 insurance fee, for which I showed high alert. Because of this, he then said he will pay for this insurance. Yesterday, after the shipment of the cat, I got an email saying that there is a $1200 "refundable" fee for a city permit. I own a ragdoll, and when I bought him, I never had to pay for this city permit. The owner explains munchkin is a different type of cat so they need it. I didn’t believe it, so I kept asking him why can’t he pay for it if it’s refundable. After 20 messages and 30 phone calls from me, the owner disappreared with my $1160. This is a scam.

Cindy –

Victim Location 33813

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted munchkin kitten ranch to buy a kitten. They gave me all the information i need to pay for the kitten through zelle. I had them send me more pictures of the kitten and they even sent me a video of her…I was going to buy the kitten Bella….

They told me she was $800.00 dollars and $200.00 shipping.

They were supose to ship here the next day after i paid for her on Jan 31 2020

I didnt hear from them so i emailed them and they told me the weather conditions were to bad to ship out and it was set up for Monday morning.

I didnt here from the on monday all day Monday. I emailed still nothing.

I emailed again on Tuesday and told them that i had contacted sheriffs. office which i had and 1 hour later i get a phone call telling me Bella will arrive at 6:30.Tuesday evening.. No kitten showed up..I still have no kitten no refund…

I emailed last night Feb 13 asking again for my refund…..They responded by asking who is this. I told them dont play games with me you know who i am i bought Bella you took my money and never sent my cat. Their response was..

This is Gerrere what are you talking about…Bottom line these people are a scam artist they have several other websites.

Royal munchkin kittens

Robert-kim munchkin cattery….munchkin kitten ranch

Please be careful of these people……..

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