Robert Inc (Robert Adolf)

Raul –

Victim Location 67037

Type of a scam Employment

First and email showed up that asked me to be a secret shopper for Kroger. I filled out the information because the email came from what looked like a legit Kroger email address. I have gotten a few follow up emails about signing up for magazine subscriptions and reminding me to get the rest of my profile filled out. Today in the mail I got a check for $2850.00 and letter with instructions. There is no letterhead nor is there any business address, phone number/fax number, or email address listed anywhere on the letter. The directions are to deposit the check, wait for it to clear and then send two separate money grams; each for $1200 and I am to keep $300 for my salary. There are two different addresses listed of where the money grams are to be sent.

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