Robert could be made up name

Deborah – Apr 03, 2020

Victim Location 58282

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

lnitial contact was from Ebay on March 11th 2020, at 6:51am cst. In regards to a set of golf clubs that i had for sale. Message from jada-775049 said, "Hi text me back with the final asking price and condition. # 9412814676." I then proceeded to text this number with more info about the golf clubs and final asking price of $750. The individual texted me back saying he wished to purchase the clubs and have them transported to him down in Florida. Shipping was not an option for him and he would cover the cost to have them transported to him. The red flags i noticed were that he wanted to use certified check and transport the clubs instead of paying via paypal and having them shipped. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at this point thinking we could work out shipping. He said he would mail a certified check and once it clears i would get in touch with him to get info on transport company to get clubs back. Time went on, check was put in the mail according to him and i was ready to see what happens. Time went on, he texted me on another number, 1-786-651-5535, saying "my old phone stopped working so i will be using this number now". This was ANOTHER red flag that something suspicious was happening. He mentioned multiple times during multiple consecutive days, "let me know when the check arrives, should be there, dont know why there are delays". I grew impatient at this point and gave it a couple more days, still with no check showing up. At one point, i told him to call me so we could discuss that the check still hadnt shown up. Of course- another red flag- he came up with excuses on why he couldnt talk on the phone. Finally texted him back with an ultimatum, that if the check didnt show up in 2 days from that point, i would be putting them up for sale and if his check ever showed up i would be sending it back. No check showed up in that time so i put the clubs back up for sale. This day was March 25th.

Here is where things really go south. April 2nd i get a USPS Priority Mail Express Envelope from Mohawk Cabinet Company, with an address of 19 Washington ST, Gloversville NY, 12078-3917. I open the envelope and discover a Cashiers check for $2,000. The check is from CENTRIS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION, in Omaha NE. At this point, since i had suspicion, i wanted to call CENTRIS and find out if this even was a valid check. I called and the guy that helped me asked for some info about the check, i gave him info and he detirmined this was NOT a valid check and in fact a COUNTERFEIT. At this point, I thanked the CENTRIS employee for his time and hung up the phone. From this point forward, i have kept all communication texts and messages from this scammer, I kept the check as evidence in case anything comes up down the road, but I want to stop this guy from doing this to other people.

Luckily, I was able to get the clubs back up for sale and I didnt get screwed over from a counterfeit check. If i wouldve tried to cash the check, I wouldve had to come up with $2000.

I want this guy caught, and this type of stuff makes me very angry. Below is an image of the check and envelope I recieved on April 2nd 2020.

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