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Janelle – Oct 15, 2020

Victim Location 48183

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via text message almost within the same hour that I posted my resume on Get a Service I have been unemployed for a bit so I was super excited. But then one of the other jobs I had been contacted for turned out to be fraudulent, which he did not deny or respond to so I am going with the thought process that is indeed true. Then, when looking up that company, I decided to check for The Robert Bird Group just to be safe. The exact same situation had just occurred to me with the first interview I had on Google. Asked twenty questions, told about how there were offices being opened up near me. Oh, they will be sending a check for my home office supplies. No thank you.

Raymond –

Yes, the very same thing happened to me through the indeed job site, I should done more research, THEY GOT me, now I possibly owe a bunch of money to the bank…they were using pandemic unemployment funds to “Make payments to employees of The Robert Bird Group from Australia moving to THE US…don’t fall it as I did you will possibly end owing Government funds that were meant for unemployment for those out of work from Covid 19

William –

Victim Location 94116

Type of a scam Employment

I responded to an job inquiry for a work at home business opportunity for a customer service job. We went through a very detailed interview process on the Hangouts app and she asked at 20 questions. She said their company head quarters were in London, plus they have offices in Boston, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Baltimore,and they would soon be opening an office in San Francisco. She mentioned that the first part of the job, the company would send out a cashiers check and I would be required to deposit the check into my personal bank account in order to purchase equipment for my home office. When I told her point blank that this is fraudulent and the banks are on to this scam, she stopped communication with me immediately.

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