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Theresa – Jan 27, 2021

I just received a call yesterday Jan 26, 2021! They are on the move! Be careful they have social security numbers (accurate ones) previous tax information, address, they will give accurate info but do not fall for it! Its a scam they tried to tell me I owed UEI college (which i attended back in 2012) money for a loan. They told me I was getting sued by them and they could help me settle if I paid the amount owed which was 3,500.00. I wasnt buying so “Nick” tried to play the good lawyer and pretend to call UEI to see if they were willing to take 2000. We were on the phone for some time he said he wanted the money in about an hour to be able to cancel all the court info. I told him I didn’t own a debit card to buy me some time to head home and search up all this information. once I searched up the email he provided ([email protected]) I replied back with bible verses, more than an hr has gone by (a day) and he has yet to try again! These people are disgusting and will have to face judgment day. My prayers honestly go out to them because I know the King of Kings will soon return and all of the enemies’ minions will go down with him!
Stay safe my friends and please don’t fall for any of it! If you were really getting sued a sheriff will go to your house they won’t be calling.

Peter – Oct 28, 2020

These people called my moms house. I called them back they said they were Roberts associates and that I owed a loan from 2011 9 yrs ago from m&t. I remember paying the loan off in full in 2011. They said they sent me a letter a month ago to settle for 1500. If I didn’t pay they would take me to court and charge me 3500 or garnish my wages. So I called m&t to see how I could still owe them money from 9yrs ago they said it was 500$ I owe them but couldn’t & gave me the debt collector it was sent too. That debt collector said they no longer had my case & I only owed 482. & this other debt collector couldn’t charge ex added fees. So I called this Roberts associates back telling them I’d pay the but not 1500 & I wanna pay it in person and over the phone. They said they can’t do that but They spoke w their client and will settle for 582. They said they’ll send me an email to see their legit. Their company name on top was csi which I could not find anywhere online. The email also stated I had only 1 hr to pay 582. I called my cousin who works at a bank and she looked up the email it was sent from. Immediately I found a story just like mine. Guy gets a call about a Med. Bill from years ago and they said he owed 1300 but they’ll settle for 500 if not they’ll bring him to court and he’ll have to pay 3100. He also stated they said they sent him a letter he never got. Like me they told him he had an hr to pay or else. The prices they gave him was almost identical to mine which I find very suspicious.

Lacey –

Victim Location 33625

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Identified himself as James Winton with Robert and associates. Threaten to sue, wanted money for a debt, threatened to serve me at my job unless I gave $500.00 toward said debt.

Alison –

Victim Location 61611

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Been receiving phone calls that come up "Unavailable" from a lady that goes by the name of Julie Williams saying that she is from the County Dispatch trying to get my address for a Court Summons. They want a time and location of delivery. Needs me to contact a legal office immediately at 888-780-9171 with a case # 2018-185026. Says I need to call a business called Robert & Associates. Says I can settle without going to court.

Whitney –

Victim Location 99114

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A man named Mark, representing "Robert and Associates" called my office on my day off, telling my coworker that he needed to verify my address so I could be served papers. My coworker notified me ASAP and I called Mark back. He asked if I realized I was being sued by a client his legal firm represented, and why I hadn’t responded to paperwork sent to me previously. I stated I did not know I was being sued and had received no paperwork. He said I owed $1500, that after court costs and legal fees it would be another $3100 on top of that, and that he might be able to stop the court proceedings if I could pay the $1500 today. I repeatedly asked for clarification of what this bill was for. He said it was originally for "United Healthcare Systems" (sic), from back in October 2006 (a year my minor child was hospitalized several times) and he quoted my social security number and previous address to me.

I told him I wasn’t about to pay anything without looking further into it, and he told me he was sending me an email with all the details, that I would be able to undeniably see that this was my bill and that I was responsible for it. He said I had to reply to the email within 2 hours or he would not be able to keep me from being sued. When the email came, it was from a "WPG" although the icon at the top of the email just had "WG" with no "P." There was no information about my date of service, or which medical facility it was that had billed.Here is the wording in the email that accompanied the attachment, in [brackets]

[[email protected]

Please sign this letter of authorization and return within the hour. Please Include the 16 digit card # as well as the expiration date and security code, fill it out completely (we do not take Amex). You can either print and fill it all out and then fax it back to 562 286 8009, you can take a picture with your smart phone and email it back or print and sign then scan and email it back. Please call 5 minutes after returning this to confirm that it was received. After payment(s) clear you will also need to sign and return a receipt to receive a release letter.

Regards, Amanda]

At this point, I entered the phone number and business name into Google and immediately got numerous "SCAM!" warnings, and posts from others who had been told pretty much the same thing I was told. All had the time urgency component and lack of clarity from when/where the bills originated.

Mark called me at work 2 days later, stating, "I understand you didn’t follow through with our arrangements. Is this something you still want to clear up?" When I told him the email contained none of the clarity I had asked for, and that I had found several websites saying this was a scam, he got rude and said, "I’m looking at the letter. It’s clear as a bell. Those people are people we collected from who are pissed." At this point I hung up on him, saying, "I guess I’ll have to take my chances in court. Don’t call me again."

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