Roadways Paving

Natalie –

Victim Location 11554

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Workers approached my husband in the yard (East Meadow, NY) – he thought they were talking about cement – as there was a cement truck in the area – he never agreed on a price – went in the house for a minute, and when he came out, they were pouring asphalt in our driveway – he asked them what they were doing and they said don’t worry about it – we will give you a good price – $2,800.00 later – looks terrible – and one of them followed him to the bank – total scammers – don’t even speak to these people!!!!!!!

Tyler –

Victim Location 11426

Type of a scam Home Improvement

3:00 afternoon My father was cleaning his car when he was approached by a group of "workers" claiming they have leftover asphalt and will paved our driveway for a cheaper price. My old man is prone to these scam as he was too trusting and kind to strangers so he said yes, they soon returned with a white pick up truck with they asphalt machine and proceeded to paved the whole driveway including the public street walk, my mom was at work, and during this time she checked her phone as we have live cameras in the house, she saw the strangers filling the drive way with asphalt, she was surprised and asked my dad if he ask for a quote, he said, "they said it was cheap" my mom panicked and told my dad to tell them to stop and ask for a quote, by this time it only took a few minutes and they paved around 600ft. The younger fellow of the three men that originally approached him by his name of "Jacob Elliot" estimated that the cost is 4500. My dad said he doesnt have that money in hand, so the eldest of the two started yelling at my dad and demanded cash that very day, panicked and startled my dad asked my mom for money, she said we don’t have that much and can’t afford it. My mom panicked and called me from work. She explained the situation and I said I was on my way. 20 minutes later, My mom said they all left with my dad to the MCU bank to get cash as they don’t want check. I told her to call the local police, as we were worried for his safety. She panicked and started driving home from work, as I returned home, I saw the substandard job they did, and even left asphalt mess all over the public driveway. I tried reaching my dad, but he wouldn’t answer, so I dialed 911. few transfer calls later the police dept. Was able to track my father and call him. They confirmed that he was on his way home, and he is alone. Relieved and shaken, I was filled in with the rest of the details, he said he gave them a check that they can cash in tomorrow as the bank he went to was closed. Shaken I filed a report on the situation, we later found out that this type of scam was common during this type of year. The police came later that night And told us to bounce the check given and call police if they come back. Next day was my mothers birth day and went out to the city to celebrate her birthday, Jacob Elliot called my dad asking for the cash now as we "wasted enough of his time" after accusing us of scamming and wasting his time, he left the call and has yet to call us back since.

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