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Sierra – Jan 22, 2021

I called in regards to an issue with my Freightliner Cascadia, My truck wouldn’t start so I called for a mobile mechanic and was denied service due to my vehicle was not on the road. So basically if you’re a stuck at any location you can forget about the service of them bringing out a mobile mechanic. The next day my truck was able to start and get going but my truck kept stalling so I called to get it towed to a shop. I was denied that service as well since it was from the same situation the day before. So what is the point of this service? I should’ve known from the reviews from others that this company is a scam and will not handle business as they state on their site!

Cameron – Apr 30, 2020

I called in about a possible power steering issue which caused my tractor to D-rate. I am not a mechanic so I am and was assuming that was the issue since none of my check engine lights came on. Upon me stating what I thought, the person assisting me said that because my tractor D-rated a few months ago do to a DEF issue that they were not allowed to give me any assistance and I would have to pay out of pocket. When my truck D-rated from the DEF system my dashboard check engine light and DEF light came on and gave me a 180 minute timeline to let me know when the Tractor will shut down from excellorating. This time none of these notifications took place. But because I used the words D-rate they denied me service when my issue appears to be something totally different from the previous time. My previous experience with them was the same where I had to pay out of pocket and never got reimbursed. It appears that they are running a visible illegal/ legal scam on the trucking industry! On top of all this I asked the manager Ernesto for the corporate office number in which he gave me the same number I called previously. When I called this number the same assistant who originally took my call answered. When I asked to speak with someone in corporate she transferred me back to the same manager Ernesto as if it were a joke to say you can’t do anything about our scam system. When I asked him about the corporate number again he said this is as high as you can go in contacting anyone in a mocking tone. However he did tell me to e-mail Roadside which led me back to the same system I started at. Can someone tell me how to contact there corporate office please. My E-mail is [email protected] and my contact number is (216)333-2086. Thank you

Levi –

Victim Location 82801

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I purchased three roadside assistance plans from Roadside masters in August of 2018 for three trucks our company has. We have had about 3-4 breakdowns over the past 6-7 months and every time we try to use the service this company makes and excuse or doesn’t help us. They say its after hours, or we can’t find you or just to change a tire out they want to charge $400 fee just to come out, even though we are providing the tire. This service was supposed to be covered with the service. I want a full refund ASAP!

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