Road Maintenance

Gerald –

Victim Location 30513

Type of a scam Other

Man in orange colored truck with amber lights and lettering and numbering appeared in our driveway and said he had leftover material from another job and would we like it for our driveway. When we asked about pricing, he indicated it would be $1.80 per foot, $180 for 100 feet. He said he wasn’t sure he would have enough and that he would do part, then he and my husband would measure and decide about rest. That never happened and he did the entire drive. At conclusion, he give my husband a number of feet to multiply by $1.80 and then another multiplier. This was first time he mentioned that price was per square foot and He was told bill was $10,000.00. My husband told him that he did not have access to an account with that balance and he would have to come back when I got back home. In the interim, I did some research and found this pricing scam both here and in other states. I did not pay and was told a lawyer would contact me. We are retired individuals and would never have agreed to this price without extensive investigation. We have contacted a professional road engineer to look at the work. Please don’t use these people! Their ethics are awful!

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 30014

Total money lost $12,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

My husband is 82 yrs old, he was home alone when Road Maintenance came to the door and offered to pave the driveway for $1200.00. When the driveway was done, he told my husband the job was $12,000 not $1200, so my husband gave him a check for $12,000. The business card reads Road Maintenance, 800-208-4306, state license number 5-16-7895, Psalm 68:19 on the back of the card. He came in a big yellow truck. The man who came to the door, was about 6’1", 220 lbs, in his 40s, tan skin.

Karl –

Victim Location 76487

Total money lost $4,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

A man approached an 85 year old woman 3 times at her home and was turned away by 2 different family members. Then returned to her home when she was alone and she agreed to let them pave her drive way with "chipped seal" at of cost of $4000, and the check had to be written before the work was finished and was a personal check made to the name of "Calvin Hatlestad" instead of the supposedly company name of "Road Maintenance." And the check was cashed within 1 hour of being written before work was even completed. Then when family confronted workers the "owner" took off in his truck and could not be reached to talk to and when asked for a business card they did not have one.

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