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Victim Location 49423

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I received a call from an Arizona phone number; 602-555-8637. A female asked for me by name, and said she was with RMS Services, and her business was offering Assistance Funding, with no payback. I asked her how she got my number and she said that an agency provided my name and number as a person that may need assistance to pay some bills. She said some times it is banks or mortgage companies who provide this and I must have a good history of paying my bills for them to pass on this info. I asked her which company passed on this info and she told me that all they have listed is that it was a lending or banking association. She offered her name of Samantha and her call back number of 888-953-8637. I had been looking up her company name and phone numbers on-line. I saw a post that the original number I was called on was a robo caller. When I told her I could not find her phone or business name on-line, she explained that was because they are a private company, not affiliated with the government, so they would not be on-line. I asked what the company name was and she told me RM Studio Services, but they go by RMS Services. Also, they had to contact me, I would not be able to request this service, it’s only by referral. She asked what debt I wanted to take care of, as their company would provide assistance from $25,000 up tp $1000,000. She then told me I qualified for $50,000. She told me that this is a process that would take 4-5 weeks to complete, and they charge a processing fee of 7%, not 13-15% like other lending companies. I can take care of this fee, by credit card. She then asked if I was going to use Visa, MC, American Express or Discover card. I told her I would not give her my CC number until I could check out her company. I would wait for a packet from their company ( which she had said this would be sent to me by Friday), so I could check further on this. She then said it didn’t sound like I was committed to this assistance. I told her no, not until I checked them further. I then hung up. I was given their address of 2942 N 24th ST, Phoenix, Arizona. I checked this address on-line and observed a business by the name of Baxter Attorny. I called this number and asked if they could tell the names of other businesses in their bldg. She told me I had to call Dru at 480-264-5097( which shows up as a scam phone number) . She said Dru would be able to give me this info. (Even tho this person was not in this building, she was the one to call).

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