Monique –

Victim Location 30038

Total money lost $68.90

Type of a scam Phishing

I went online to complete a survey for Wal greens to tell them how well they are doing, after completing my survey, what i thought was

Wal Greens site stated you have just completed a survey thank you and we will enter your name in the sweepstakes and here is a gift for you today …..they displayed several items i chose the one that the price was free free free when i clicked on the item they posted and statement that read you only pay 8.95cent for shipping….i gave my c.c # they shipped the item i received it in 3weeks. It was a gift for my Daughter because she walks everyday, when i received the item i gave it to my daughter she gave it back she said it was not useful because it had no way to connect its for an apple connection no one have an apple connection for a bracelet here, so i said to myself well …I’VE GOT TAKEN FOR $8.95

OH WELL. Several weeks latter i’m out of town and i noticed a company had taken $59.95 from my account without permission…i contacted them and they said send the product back and we will refund your money, upon my return from out of town….i pulled their site up and noticed that it posted ….you must have a RMA# to send product back,,,,,I ws never given a number so i contacted the again to receive a RMA# they said

OH MAM I AM SO SORRI YOU ARE IN THE DEADLINE TO SEND PRODUCT BACK I AMA SOA SORRIA. This is America, and the *** *s a Scammer A Scammer I want Justice….I will not stop until they are out of business for good This has got to Stop…Im sure i"m not the only ONE THEY SCamed….But I will see Justice done HERE IN AMERICA……..OUR PRESIDENT IS A GOOD MAN………….

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