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Theresa –

Victim Location 23185

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This morning I received this email: "This is a notification email to inform you that your technical contract for computer is expired and according to the contract it is going to be auto renewed. You would be charged one time fee of $325, for further inquiry and cancellation related query fell free to cal on +1 321 247 3759 ." Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors are the sender’s.

Please note that leaving out words, punctuation, using punctuation incorrectly, and misspellings are signs of a scam. I’ve never heard of this company and my computer safety is under that of other companies. Also, the spelling of first name of the sender and what is supposedly her email address, is different, too. The email address is an MSN address and not one attached to the "company." I tried calling and left a message. I also replied to the mail: "NOT AUTHORIZED." No withdrawal has yet taken place, but I have spoken with my bank about this matter.

I just got a call back. The caller insists I’ve had a "contract" since I bought my computer. He claims I have to fill out a form and insists I have to "open Google" to do so. I have my email open and he has my email address, yet, he hung up on me. I called back, and the call was disconnected without anyone saying anything.

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