Riverview Hospital Impostor

Craig –

Victim Location 47130

Total money lost $1,800

Type of a scam Employment

Was told they found my info off Indeed.com. Was for remote office manager job at River View Hospital. I downloaded the app Wire and kept in contact with 2 individuals that supposedly worked there. I was mailed a check for over $9600 for office supplies I was supposed to purchase (yeah right!) & when I went to cash that check at my bank the check bounced (surprise, surprise!!). I got excuse after excuse (like it was my bank’s fault!) Well my bank held back all but about $1800 of that check before they realized that paper check’s account had been closed & are now holding me liable for that $1800, even though that money withdrawn from my account was given to THOSE SCAMMERS!!

I have ALL the emails, the copy of paper check, any corespondents, receipts, messages via messenger from THEM!!

MY checking account has been CLOSED!! But USAA says I owe them that $1800 even though I didn’t know it was a scam.

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