Riverside Newfies

Ebony –

Victim Location 02025

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Our family was looking to purchase a Newfoundland puppy. We Searched websites for newfoundland breeders and we noticed Riverside Newfies! We called the number provided and sent email asking about the available pups. The website responded and asked us fill out " dog adoption " papers to see if we qualify ( most breeders do). So we described our family and why we want a big dog etc. We also called the phone number to discuss the available pups. We had so many questions. "Kyle" answered the phone and said "Who is this" when we called. Despite the rude greeting – He apologized he was at work, answered some questions And stated he would send photos of newfie when he returned home.

Next We received an email saying we qualified for a puppy! we were sent photos of the puppy and our health questions were answered.

We agreed to purchase a puppy.

Finally we received contract ( legit contract on vet , akc, hips, guarantee etc) and to wire money to an account ( gave location etc) and then puppy would get on a flight ( even said morning flight because we do not want our puppies getting in late etc).

To double check this wasn’t fruad I called Kyle again & emailed riverside newfies; I asked if a friend could swing by and check on pup ( as we were out of state) and also asked for them to send vet bill ( w recent date). I then stated, once my friend ( pseudo friend) checks to make sure your a valid business and puppy healthy/ we will wire money.

Phone : hang up/ email no response

( I have contract / not posting because personal info)/ below is one of the emails ..

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