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Paula – Jul 07, 2020

They offered me $5000. Dollar loan. Said I needed send $450 dollars. I money gram the $450. On Jan. 31. 2020 . then they wanted $450
More. I live on ssi. And so the said that I would get my $450 dollars back with in 30 days. I still haven’t received it. Every time I call costumers service there is no answer and no call backs. My sister was murdered May. . 2019my son in law commited suicide in Aug 2019.

Marisa – Feb 26, 2020

Victim Location 32738

Total money lost $867

Type of a scam Other

As with everyone else I was offered the loan but needed either a cosigner or 450 collateral. My sister had recently committed suicide so at this point I was desperate. I sent the initial 450. After verify the payme t the woman Joanne Allen contacted me and stated the lender pulled my credit and due to my score needed an additional 450 . Advised I did not have that . I was put on hold and them told they can assist with some of it . So I sent the rest as desperately as ineeded it . This was also all I had left to my name. After sending. That I was called again and told I needed to pay 500.00 for insurance . At this point I advised wanted to withdrawal and get a refund . Ws told that was fine but could take 25-45 business days . Which of course was not acceptable. So. Kcalled and after speaking again was told about 2 weeks . So ok that was better . I asked for documentation of the refund and never received it . I called today and spoke to Joanne yet again . She advised to call custsmr service . They never answered. Now the number is disconnected. .

Javier –

Victim Location 49858

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They offered me $5,000 loan with a co signer or $450 collateral. I did some research on the phone and address and the phone number is not a US or Canada number. I called the manager of the office building at the given address and she there is no company at that address.

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